Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Printing

There are some exciting things  happening for my business at the moment. One of them is the construction of my new studio space. As I am typing this post, I am listening to the sweet sound of machines and workmen as they create my ‘zen’ place. Very, very, exciting for me.

To celebrate, I am currently sourcing some new products to make archiving my clients’ memories even more special.  A new print I will be offering is a variation of the fine art print. These fine art prints are delicate and precious, just as a photo should be. A digital photo of this print doesn’t do this justice. You have to feel this paper in your hands and see it with your eyes. I am totally in love with these. They are like nothing I have offered before. Fine art, ripped paper, of the highest quality. If you see one of these, you will never care for digital files again. My plan is to adorn my new studio walls with these. Specialised framing is a must too.

Once my studio doors open, I would love you to come and view all of my new samples. Or if you would like to before then, I am happy to show you out and about in one of Noosa’s beautiful cafes or your own home. It truly is the perfect way to display your newborn photos, wedding photography or family photographs.

Have a great week!