Traditional Chinese Wedding

Traditional Chinese Wedding

Uniting together in marriage is a grand occasion for any couple. Belinda and Jing took their celebration to another level, planning their traditional Chinese wedding in just one month!

Their day consisted of many ceremonies, following customs and traditions to a tee. The morning began with Jing and his groomsmen being put though some grilling tests. The bridesmaids, armed with instructional cards, were in charge of ensuring Jing was worthy of collecting his bride. With every failing, Jing had to buy his way out of trouble by placing money in a red envelope, receiving additional attempts to pass.

The first test proved difficult for the boys and Jing’s wallet was becoming lighter with every failing. With no ATM in sight, Jing thankfully passed the upcoming tests with flying colours and was invited to greet his bride.

The next stop, the groom’s house, was an extremely important and emotional journey. Belinda’s new parents were waiting to welcome her into their home. With a fire at the door to burn away any bad luck and various rituals held to welcome Belinda, the two families were set to head out to their ceremony location with guests.

Belinda and Jing requested a garden for their main ceremony and there is no better place in South East Queensland, than Stringybark Cottage. Brisbane celebrant, Chrissy Wang, was there to organise the guests and final preparations were made by Blooms of Noosa and Annie McLintock. The setting was completely stunning. 

After a bilingual ceremony, the traditional Chinese tea ritual began. The enormity of this ceremony was evident by the tears of happiness flowing from both families. It was so special to watch and capture.

Now all the formalities were complete, it was off to Embassy XO Restaurant and Bar to celebrate. The chefs exceeded expectations. The atmosphere was one of love and happiness and with so many courses, guests left with grins from ear to ear.

So with out further ado, here are some photographs that encapsulate Jing and Belinda’s day…

The team who made this traditional Chinese wedding happen…

Stringybark Cottage Garden

Blooms of Noosa Florist

Annie McLintock, planner and organiser.

Embassy XO Restaurant and Bar

Chrissy Wang, Celebrant.

Photography: Melanie McNiven