Rainy Family Portraits

Rainy Family Portraits – Turning Rain into an Opportunity

I recently had the pleasure of freezing time through my lens for this beautiful family, creating some dreamy and rainy family portraits. This was a photoshoot that some might have cancelled. But, they didn’t want to postpone, so we went on with the day and turned what could have been a gloomy session into a delightful one, capturing personality that might not have come through in a traditional setting. Rain danced around the children as they played in the midst of it, with umbrellas and gumboots. As we started, the rain stopped. But, during the shoot the rain made another appearance, in the most playful way with a light sprinkling. It was enough to bring the umbrellas out, which provided a fun prop for the day.

Rainy day portraits with two kids enjoying the rain with umbrellas

two kids enjoying the rain with umbrellas

Three children with umbrellas in the rainPortraits in the rain

family photo of children in Noosakids on a bridge

We booked a sheltered park, which provided protection from the wind and any sudden down pours. But, one of my favourite shots was in the beginning of the session. I was able to capture a spontaneous moment as the children gleefully raced raindrops on a window. 

In this particular shoot, it was just the children gracing the other side of my lens, as the parents allowed me to preserve a very impromptu and fun session in the rain.

children with raindrops on a windowChildren playing with raindropsraindrops on a window with a boy behind enjoying rainy day portraits

Once the ground dried and the skies closed, we continued to capture the beautiful connection between siblings. May they enjoy these memories and rainy family portraits forever…

children making a leaf fly in the airFamily Photos in Noosachildren enjoying their rainny day portraitsrainy day portraits once the rain stoppedrainy day portraits inside the home

What happens when you  book a photo-shoot and it rains?

The choice to postpone due to weather is always yours but here are some things to consider before rescheduling your photo-shoot…

Noosa is a beautiful location, with a warm climate all year round. And yes, it rains, even on a scheduled photo shoot. But, since it is normally warm, everyone can embrace it as a unique tool for remarkable options in a photo session. 

Rain can provide some wonderful and fun photo opportunities that stand out above traditional photo sessions. In addition to playing with raindrops in the window, other fun possibilities include:

Playing with umbrellas

Jumping in puddles

Using pooled water for a unique reflection.

I enjoy finding a unique opportunity in an unexpected environment, such as temperamental weather. It can provide memories that will bring you back to an irreplaceable moment, that would otherwise not be captured if the shoot is postponed.

I can provide the umbrellas, and can even coordinate them with your raincoats. So, bring your cute raincoats and gumboots, and let me put it all together in artistic memory. If it sounds like fun to you, then please fill out my contact form, and I can send you pricing information for an amazing Sunshine Coast family portrait session regardless of rain, hail or shine! 

Please note, if conditions are too hazardous, deemed unsafe or too uncomfortable, sessions with Melanie McNiven Portraits will be postponed and re-scheduled. If your dream is for sunshine and blue skies, then photoshoots can also be postponed for a sunnier day.

If you would like some beautiful umbrellas for your own rainy day portraits in Noosa, visit Parasols With Love A great, local business.