Mama Disrupt

Mama Disrupt

I want to introduce you to an amazing woman… Jessica Jane Sammut. From what I can tell  (after photographing Jess twice this year), she is a lover of all things black and white, a fighter for all things right and a voice for all mamas out there, going about their daily grind. She is a powerhouse in life and business and a Queen of the written word.

As chief editor and founder of Mama Disrupt and sassy mama of 2 boys (plus a four legged friend), I am in owe of her achievements so far. I am guessing there is much more to come, as this mumpreneur, journalist and business owner continues to soar to amazing heights.

With the 2017 Summer, Autumn and Winter editions of Mama Disrupt already enjoyed by many, the new Spring edition will be out soon, and I am lucky enough to be photographing Jess and her boys, for a fourth feature in the magazine.

Although photographing Jess is pretty amazing, it does come with one challenge. You see Jess is a strong spirit, with an incredible strength and work ethic. She’s wonderfully complex by not letting anything stand in her way of her dreams, yet is full of heart and compassion, talent and courage; And my challenge is to say all of this in one or two frames.

Mama Disrupt is published quarterly, and provides a place for the modern mum to find ideas for inspiration and style, such as interior design, beauty, fashion, travel, all while focusing on the latest lifestyle and trends for hip mamas all over. You can find it on stands across Australia, New Zealand and even further abroad. 

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