Why not book a family portrait?

Why not book a family portrait?

Have you been seeing beautiful family portraits all over the internet and wishing you had beautiful photographs like that? You wish you had documentation of your child’s childhood? Maybe you plan to organise a session very soon, but then the weeks go by and there is always some reason to wait a little while longer. Maybe you’re worried about the expense or maybe you’re waiting to lose weight or own a new wardrobe. Maybe you’re worried your kids will misbehave or your life is just too busy at the moment and it’s not a priority yet? Well lets put a stop to your worries and the 101 reasons that may stop you from booking a family portrait. Let’s face it, life goes by pretty fast so if family photos are something you would really love, then the moment to book a session is right now!

Here are some photos taken yesterday of my daughter, who is 26 months. This spontaneous  moment to pick up my camera took me 60 seconds, capturing 6 frames and 6 different expressions, all while playing with her. It was as simple as using a plain white wall in my home and the natural light that was flooding in from a small window. She was playing, with her hair unbrushed and in her ‘kick about the house’ clothes on. I realised I hadn’t taken any photos of her for a couple of months so I quickly grabbed my camera and took 20 frames in total. Very simple, but still, very beautiful portraits to me.

Photo sessions can fit into our busy lives. We don’t always need photos to be styled perfectly, with amazing backgrounds and content. Our lives are amazing as they are. Photos of our authentic selves or others, are really what mean the most. My daughter wasn’t posing for the camera but just playing with her mummy. It just so happened, I kept lifting my camera up to my face every few moments.

So the point of this post is to let you know that the time for your child’s portrait is now. Whether you capture some beautiful shots of your children or hop in with them, we can keep it simple and uncomplicated and the results will still make your heart sing. If like me, you have little time within your busy schedule, then lets do a little mini session! If you are worried about costs, then lets do a little mini session! I can be in and out of your home, your yard or your park in as little as 20 minutes. Or you can pop in to my home studio and I will photograph your kids in as little as 20 minutes! Surely it’s better to have 3-5 amazing photos that stop you in your tracks every day you walk past them, than to have a hope to one day plan a session. Call me for a chat and we can work out anything to suit this time of your life, right now.

Alternatively, email me at portraits@melaniemcniven.com.au and lets arrange a session where your kids can be themselves and you can eliminate every fear that’s holding you back from making the call to have beautiful portraits. Mini sessions start at $75 which is cheaper than a night out at a restaurant. Lets do this!

Little girl on a white walla simple portrait of a childsimple family photo of a girla girl pulling a funny facewhy not book a family portrait?