Award Winning Noosa Photographer

Award Winning Noosa Photographer

The Noosa News published this article on me today. Page 15…

Noosa Photographer Wins the Gold Logie of the Photography Industry

The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) recently conducted their annual National Awards, a distinguished event held in high regard by professional photographers across Australia. Melanie McNiven, a popular Noosa photographer, entered 4 separate images, spanning 3 categories. McNiven scored 3 wins, including a gold and silver for the “Family Photographer of the Year” category. She also won a silver in the “Portrait Photographer of the Year” category.

In addition to the gold and silver awards, McNiven also received the highest scoring print in the “Family” category. When asked what it means to her, McNiven said “It means a lot to be recognised nationally for my day to day work.” She went on to say that the awards push her to create something exceptionally creative, innovative, and unique for each client. “I always love to deliver at least one photo that is more like art, than a photo to a client”, she added. McNiven also stated that entering the AIPP awards is beneficial to her personal growth as a Noosa photographer, because it provides honest feedback from some of the best professional photographers around the world. “It can be nerve wracking, but well worth it.”

Working as professional photographer in Noosa for 6 years, McNiven feels extremely lucky to have Noosa’s amazing environmental backdrops to drive her inspiration and creative vision. When asked how she reacted to the wins, McNiven said “I watched the judging live online, and I may have fist pumped and cheered when I was awarded with a gold. It was pretty special.”